Achievement Unlocked!

2009-01-21 11:44:16 by OnyxCross

Filled parts with talented voice actors!

I GOT LOTS OF MESSAGES FOR VOICE ACTING, AND I ALREADY HAVE CHOSE WHO WILL VOICE ACT, SO STOP SENDING! I picked out EKublai, Rocker23220 and snowfender. Sorry for all the others who didn't get the parts, maybe next time! ^^;

I got voice actors and now I can finish the script and send it to them.
P.S. I thought finding good people to voice act was hard, but this is so freaking easy.

CROSS Series:
Chad Rick (Main character): Kirbopher15

Ryan Simple (Main character): Diamond-armada

Dack, Mike, Ray (Minor characters): EKublai

Woman on phone service (Minor character): snowfender

Store clerk (Minor character): Rocker23220

Street Fighter Flash collab:

I don't need voice actors, I thought of something else for it! :3

That's it for today! Signing off.
-OnyxCross (6:43 PM, 21.01.2009, Wendesday)


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2009-01-21 15:42:35

I give a shit. Good luck with your Flashings.

OnyxCross responds:

Good. Thanks.


2009-01-21 21:10:35

I second Halvgoeden's view on shit.

OnyxCross responds:



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