12.01.08 Update!

2009-01-12 11:09:44 by OnyxCross

Hey there, long time no type
*blows dust off my news posts*
Newgrounds news
Here's the update, I finished my part for the 'Prayer' by Disturbed collab. Now working on the part for the Street Fighter collab by Stamper. I'm excited to be in such a big collab. :)

Onyx Cross Media
The site is up. Go check it out. I'm working on my solo project, but still I need voice actors for this aswell.
Here's a small list of the voice actors I've hired and parts I need voices for.

CROSS Series:
Chad Rick (Main character): Kirbopher15

Ryan Simple (Main character): Diamond-armada

Dack, Mike, Ray (Minor characters): <OPEN>

Woman on phone service (Minor character): <OPEN>

Store clerk (Minor character): <OPEN>

Street Fighter Flash collab:
Ryu (Main character): <OPEN>

Akuma (Main character): <OPEN>

That's it for today! Signing off.
-OnyxCross (6:09 PM, 12.01.2008, Monday)


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2009-01-12 23:54:03

I was impressed with what you made for the disturbed collab. You should definitely take another part if you have time. :)


2009-01-19 18:23:35

Well im currently free for either Dack,Mike or Ray.
Add me on Skype to speak about or PM me.


2010-06-21 07:26:41

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