Entry #1

Greetings all Newgrounders!

2008-09-16 11:02:28 by OnyxCross

Hello, I am Chad Rick a 13-year old newgrounder.

I have waited to make an account since the end of 2005, and have been going on newgrounds ever since that time, now in 2008, I can show my work to others, finally. No longer will I have to wait.

I already have an idea, script and drawing style (which I hope is original) to start animating!
I even hired voice actors already.

The title of the series is: Cross
The first episode's title is: Cross 1
Just as simple as that!

So far so good!
-Chad. :)


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2008-09-16 11:18:21

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and good luck with that series. :P

OnyxCross responds:

Thanks, Cyber. I will enjoy it.