New YouTube video

2010-01-03 19:16:50 by OnyxCross
Updated eBbI

Yeah, it's a trailer to my new series. Coming to NG also.


2009-03-13 10:54:03 by OnyxCross

Just a few updates on Onyx Cross Media


'OnyxCross' is the name of my media from now on, but I personally will be known as 'AngryChad' from now on. So refer to it as: Chad Rick aka AngryChad from OnyxCrossMedia. Yeah, live with it. :P


I have youtube: media


My series 'Cross' will have a major change. Voice actors will stay the same, but the name of the series will be different (currently under thought or i'm thinking of what should it be). Also the team in the series will consist of 4 characters, but I'm gonna need a musician who is grateful to make the series a theme. Song needs to be Indie or Rock, can be techno, only if I'm good with it. So anyway, the one who makes a good theme for the series, will get a cameo in the 1st episode.


What console is better? NES or SNES? I want to get one of 'em, but I can't decide which one. Help


There is a new episode on South Park Studios, go check.
Episode: 1301 The Ring.
Description: Kenny gets himself a girlfriend who is more poor than he, himself is (lol) and that girl gets him in trouble. How? Go find out why.
My Rating: 4.7

That's it.
Chad Rick signing out.
Keep it cool.

Here's a cool pic of one of my favorite games for the SNES. If you haven't played it, do it.


Achievement Unlocked!

2009-01-21 11:44:16 by OnyxCross

Filled parts with talented voice actors!

I GOT LOTS OF MESSAGES FOR VOICE ACTING, AND I ALREADY HAVE CHOSE WHO WILL VOICE ACT, SO STOP SENDING! I picked out EKublai, Rocker23220 and snowfender. Sorry for all the others who didn't get the parts, maybe next time! ^^;

I got voice actors and now I can finish the script and send it to them.
P.S. I thought finding good people to voice act was hard, but this is so freaking easy.

CROSS Series:
Chad Rick (Main character): Kirbopher15

Ryan Simple (Main character): Diamond-armada

Dack, Mike, Ray (Minor characters): EKublai

Woman on phone service (Minor character): snowfender

Store clerk (Minor character): Rocker23220

Street Fighter Flash collab:

I don't need voice actors, I thought of something else for it! :3

That's it for today! Signing off.
-OnyxCross (6:43 PM, 21.01.2009, Wendesday)

12.01.08 Update!

2009-01-12 11:09:44 by OnyxCross

Hey there, long time no type
*blows dust off my news posts*
Newgrounds news
Here's the update, I finished my part for the 'Prayer' by Disturbed collab. Now working on the part for the Street Fighter collab by Stamper. I'm excited to be in such a big collab. :)

Onyx Cross Media
The site is up. Go check it out. I'm working on my solo project, but still I need voice actors for this aswell.
Here's a small list of the voice actors I've hired and parts I need voices for.

CROSS Series:
Chad Rick (Main character): Kirbopher15

Ryan Simple (Main character): Diamond-armada

Dack, Mike, Ray (Minor characters): <OPEN>

Woman on phone service (Minor character): <OPEN>

Store clerk (Minor character): <OPEN>

Street Fighter Flash collab:
Ryu (Main character): <OPEN>

Akuma (Main character): <OPEN>

That's it for today! Signing off.
-OnyxCross (6:09 PM, 12.01.2008, Monday)

Page update!

2008-11-16 13:00:35 by OnyxCross

I did a nice new look for my page, also


: Video game
Description: I was commisioned to make a Counter-Strike based movie on my friends' clan, If I make it I'll get 100 $, how can I say no?
P.S. I got inspired a little from WX too

Cross Episode One
: Comedy
Description: This is my main series, Cross, based on the Onyx Cross Media.

-Chad Rick out.

Made a lil something..

2008-09-25 11:19:32 by OnyxCross

You people wanna see me animating?
Well lay your eyes on this sweet 3 second thing I made with 2 minutes..


Also, that is Ryan, he is a main character from my Series.

-Chad. :)

Greetings all Newgrounders!

2008-09-16 11:02:28 by OnyxCross

Hello, I am Chad Rick a 13-year old newgrounder.

I have waited to make an account since the end of 2005, and have been going on newgrounds ever since that time, now in 2008, I can show my work to others, finally. No longer will I have to wait.

I already have an idea, script and drawing style (which I hope is original) to start animating!
I even hired voice actors already.

The title of the series is: Cross
The first episode's title is: Cross 1
Just as simple as that!

So far so good!
-Chad. :)